Sheetrock/Plaster Repair

We can help you finally get rid of your old sheet rock!

At Transformation Painting we take care of all kinds of sheetrock and plaster repairs in walls & ceilings. Sometimes you might need holes repaired from electrical work being done or damage that was done by an accident or water damage. Ceilings and wall cracks are common fixes too. Nail pops, blistering paint, and peeling paint are some of the many repairs we do every day at Transformation Painting.

Plaster needs to be repaired differently than sheetrock. Old houses with plaster damage is something we take care of all the time. Sometimes crumbling & cracking plaster need to be properly primed and a heavy-duty lining needs to be glued to the surface. Sagging ceilings and walls need to be anchored properly with special screws & washers made for plaster before beginning repair.

After most repairs, a light skim coat is applied, then primed prior to painting. When this is done right the old plaster walls can look as good as new.

If you have sheetrock or plaster damage in need of repair, call Transformation Painting today or fill out this form for your free estimate!

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