Interior Painting

Find the perfect paint color for your family!

At Transformation Painting we pride ourselves as interior paint specialists. Much of our effort goes into the care of the interior of your home and we do it right. Carefully protecting furniture and floor coverings is vital prior to starting any interior paint job. We use very clean and neat heavy-duty drop cloths on the flooring and fresh plastics to carefully protect your furniture. Being careful and neat goes a long way toward satisfying our customers!

Cracks, nail pops, caulking, filling holes, fixing wall and ceiling imperfections and much more can and will be restored and repaired prior to painting. Bare wood, new sheetrock and plaster should all be properly primed prior to painting. We use the best manufacturer recommended products available for your house-painting project. Call Transformation Painting today for your free paint estimate!

Exterior Painting

Create the perfect exterior for everyone to see!

There is usually more to know about exterior painting than there is with interior painting. Many times preparation prior to painting is essential. What comes off the surface prior to painting is often of utmost importance. Power washing is a common way to clean most exterior surfaces prior to painting. Scraping & sanding peeling & blistering paint is also quite common with exterior wood trim. On some jobs, especially restoration jobs, completely removing the old paint is necessary. There are many different techniques we use to strip and remove paint. The technique used would depend on the particular job.


Sanding surfaces, setting nails, filling holes, caulking cracks and moldings are all critical to assure a proper and long lasting paint job. Old windows usually need a great deal of care prior to painting. Proper caulking and glazing old windows are some of the things needed when dealing with old windows. Many times there is broken glass that needs to be properly replaced, pointed & glazed prior to priming and painting. This is something we do all day long to satisfy our many customers when painting the exterior of their homes. If you have any questions about the exterior painting of your home, call us today for a free estimate or consultation.

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