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 Does limited transportation prevent you from seeking proper counseling?

 Does your busy work schedule cause stress that seems unmanageable?

 Do physical limitations prevent you from reaching appropriate counseling?

 Does the stress of parenting make seeing a counselor seem impossible?

 Are there no high quality professional counselors locally?

 Are you uncomfortable speaking to a counselor face-to-face?

 If you answered yes to any of theses questions, contact today!

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Angelina Lazo Stefanini has helped large amounts of women that lead highly contrasting lifestyles through many different challenges.  Her modern approach of telephone counseling presents a highly effective alternative to traditional face-to-face counseling. This style of counseling is much more accommodating to a wide variety of lifestyles. Don't be shy! Fill out the contact form today and get the assistance you need!

  About Us

Angelina Lazo Stefanini is a kind, caring, compassionate and very capable counselor and clinical supervisor.  Her passion is working with women and families, trauma victims and parents with behaviorally challenged children.  Angelina is also passionate about providing clinical supervision to post-master's clinicians working in the counseling field pursuing licenser.

She would be happy to tell you more about herself in person or by phone during an initial consultation should you be considering either phone counseling or clinical supervision with Angelina. She is able to provide confidential phone counseling in all US states.  Locations for in-person clinical supervision include Philadelphia and surrounding counties, southern New Jersey, and all of Delaware.  Angelina is able to meet at a variety of times between 7am and 8pm EST seven days a week.

Here's how she can help:

 Phone counseling that is convenient and private

 Clinical supervision to LPC candidates at reasonable rates

 Free consultation to every new client

 Flexible hours and scheduling

 Phone appointments offered to all


Angelina received her Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2002 and was licensed 2 year later.  She has 11 years of clinical experience and has directed and run two mental health programs involving children, youth and families.  She currently holds licenses in three states: Pennsylvania, Delaware and North Carolina.  Angelina has also taken training in Distance Counseling and is a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC).


Telephone Counseling offers an affordable and convenient route toward seeking the assistance that you need.  Having a health care professional one call away makes it more simplified than ever to receive professional care. Some areas are not equipped with the necessary professional councilors. However, you location is irrelevant because my telephone counseling services are readily available! If you are a busy mom who just can't fit a counseling session into her busy work week, this is the perfect alternative.

Clinical supervision is a beneficial experience that will enhance the professional growth of both the supervisor and the supervisee.  It will build confidence knowing that you have another professional's opinion and assistance.  She will help set priorities, objectives, and identify services that will boost your professional skills.  This experience will allow you to see and understand professional standards, while keeping you up to date with current developments in our field. As in any progressing field of work, it is key to stay on top of effective modern practices that will amplify your ability to stay on top.


Clinical Supervision

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Telephone Counseling

Ideal for people:

Convenient Comfortable Counseling

*PA & DE Only

Professional Guidance, Mutual Benefit

Telephone Counseling is

 Who have a busy work schedule

 That have limited transportation

 Who are physically disabled

 With hectic time constraints

 Involved parents

 Who would rather not meet face-to-face

 Without high quality local counselors

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Pennsylvania LPC: PC005311  |  Delaware LPC is PC-0000620   |  My NCC number is 86480.