Annual service is recommended for all specialty heating appliances. This service includes:

  1. Customer is given their copy of the Manufacturer’s instructions and advised, for safe use of their new appliance, to familiarize themselves and always follow the Manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Customer is instructed to never alter any of the mechanical parts of the installation.
  3. Customer is shown how valve, burner and safety pilot system operates.
  4. Customer is shown how to re-light pilot.
  5. Customer is shown how and why the logs are placed in their positions.
  6. Customer is shown how to keep damper open for safe operation and is shown installed damper clamp (on vented units).
  7. Customer is instructed to make sure fireplace draft is checked and to always make certain the fireplace is drawing properly (on vented units).
  8. Customer is shown how and where normal carbon build-up may occur (on vented units).
  9. Customer is instructed what odor, if any, may be present (i.e. gas vs. normal combustion).
  10. Customer is shown how to shut down entire system and is instructed to call Hearth Renovations or the local gas company if there is a strong or persistent odor of gas.
  11. Customer is instructed to call Hearth Renovations at any time if they have questions.
  12. Customer has inspected and is satisfied with condition of completed work area.

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