About Neal Krakow

Neal Krakow's story began September 5, 1956. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he later moved to live in Georgia and Tennessee for several years. He is 16 years married and has 4 step children and 3 grandchildren, whom of which he loves dearly.

Neal started his photography career in 1980s. His favorite thing to do was take pictures of nature - including wildlife, flowers, and pets. After 5 years of capturing the world's beauty, he put down his camera and went on a hiatus to deal with some personal issues. For the past 15 years, Neal has owned his own company as a painter to occupy his time.

After a long break from the camera, he picked it back up again in 2009 and continues to take wonderful pictures to this day. Photography is still the passion of his life and he still enjoys taking pictures of nature, but he recently picked up party and event pictures. Even though it's a new setting for him, his work never ceases to impress!