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Enjoy the wild, racy comedy that is included here (read the blogs and get the audio programs) and you will learn to boost your sex appeal so dramatically that you will Get Love or Get Lucky. Guaranteed!

The audio programs are a step by step guide to making you more attractive. There is a science to sex. Renee uses that science to give you proven tips that will make you sexier. And with her risque sense of humor the learning is so much fun.

The blogs will have you laughing out loud, but they will also make you think and make you smart and savvy.

Her seminars and parties turn the normally intimidating pick up scene into high energy entertainment and are the optimal environment for making love connections.

And let us be your own personal dating guru. If you want date coaching, we will turn you into the sexy, confident object of desire that you deserve to be.

About Renee

Renee Mazer is the creator of the award winning, critically  acclaimed and top selling Not Too Scary  Vocabulary and the "shock you smart"  program Wordgasm.

 She is an honors University of Pennsylvania  Wharton grad,  Penn Law alumna, Mensa  member, award-winning attorney  and founder  of High Score, a test prep company.

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