Whatever your windshield repair needs, EZee Windshield Repair can help!  If you live in Southern NJ and your windshield is cracked, look no further!  Ezee Windshield Repair has been in business since 1975 and our singular mission is to repair, NOT replace your cracked windshield.  In fact, we actually do not perform windshield replacement. As mentioned above, our only concern is to REPAIR your windshield.  Not to replace it.  There are many reputable outfits available that can professionally replace your windshield if necessary.  Our motto is, “don’t replace it, repair it!”


Welcome!  And thank you for visiting EZee Windshield Repair.  We have been repairing windshields in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area since 1975.  If you have stone chip damage, please consider EZee for your repair needs.  Please click on the Contact Us button above for our information.  And again, thank you.


Serving the South Jersey and surrounding areas since 1975!

We can save you time and money!

If you notice a crack, a chip (smaller than a quarter) or a small line crack (smaller than a dollar bill), it’s in your best interest to contact us right away.  If you put off the repair, you run the risk of the damage spreading to the point where it can no longer be safely repaired.  Instead, you’ll have to replace the entire windshield!  Don’t put it off, call us now at 856-296-1490.



The best prices around for the best service in town!

Also, PLEASE be sure to shop around when you are looking for a windshield repair outfit.  Our prices are much lower than the larger businesses and national chains because we have virtually no overhead.  We are able to pass this savings along to YOU, the consumer.


Our mobile repair service will come directly to your location, wherever is convenient for you (within our operating radius).  Home, work, or even on your lunch break.  Most repairs can be completed in less than 30 minutes.  Just give us a call at 856-296-1490 and we’ll get you all set up.  Thanks for visiting our site and don’t forget to ask about our conditional guarantee!